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Larry Allen’s World?

Sunday, April 8th, 2012

Just what the world needs. Another blog, to ease the current severe shortage.

So what’s the point of this, really? To some degree, it’s to reduce the amount of ‘take a look at this’ email I send to friends and acquaintances. But there’s an ulterior motive. I’ve recently been afflicted with the need to write fiction. This is not something that just showed up out of the blue. I’ve been at risk for many years. Just ask my mother. More recently, a few years ago I was diagnosed (by a career adviser) as ‘needing an audience.’ So part of this exercise is to see if I can generate one.

If you bother to check back in (or subscribe to the RSS feed), what you’ll be seeing is a combination of the following:

New technological events, breakthroughs, achievements, or gadgets that I find interesting.

Portions of fiction works in progress. I’ll be above-board here; my goal is the same as the drug dealer who gives you the first one for free – I want you to come back for more. If you want to see the entire work, you’ll need to buy the magazine or book </wishful_thinking> If you’re interested in becoming a beta reader and seeing entire works, email me and we’ll talk about it.

Links to images or videos that interested me enough to want to share them.

Sharing of personal experiences that I think are worthy of sharing, sometimes with photos. Probably most of these will have to do with airplanes. I could wax poetic about aviation for quite a while, and I probably will, but I’ll save that for another post, at another time.

One thing I won’t touch on here is politics. Unfortunately, there are too many otherwise intelligent people out there who don’t agree with each and every one of my points of view, so exploring this realm would probably just upset all parties involved. Besides, its too important a topic to relegate to a few blog articles. Perhaps in another blog, at another time, in another place.

For now, commenting is turned off. From what I’ve seen, successfully managing the comments on a blog can be a daunting undertaking. But the jury is still out on this.

So that’s it for now. It will be interesting to look back a year from now, or two, or five and see where this has gone.